What is Domestic Goods Certificate?


Domestic goods certificate shows that the relevant product is a Turkish product.
In order to obtain a Domestic Goods Certificate, the domestic production rate of the product must be at least 51%.
In order for food and agricultural products to be considered as domestic goods, the following conditions are sought:
- Produced by operators holding Business Registration or Approval Certificate issued by the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock.
- Produced by companies that have Farmer Registration System Certificate for agricultural products or the relevant Registration Certificate of the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock (Undercover Registration System and the like).
Vegetable products harvested in Turkey, born and bred live animals and products derived from them in Turkey, bred and hunted aquaculture in Turkey is considered domestic goods. Apart from these, the acceptance of raw agriculture, livestock and fishery products as domestic goods is subject to the following conditions:
a. Altogether they produced in Turkey,
b. the important stages of the production process and final economically necessary labor and the actions to be carried out in Turkey.

Mines and mining products unearthed in Turkey are considered as domestic products so long as the important stages of their production are conducted in Turkey or and the final workmanship or action required for economical marketing are taken in Turkey.

Considering the free zone legislation and customs legislation, the products produced by the enterprises operating in the free zone are considered domestic goods, provided that the necessary conditions included in this Communiqué regarding domestic goods criteria are met.

A 15% price advantage is provided to domestic producers with Domestic Goods Certificates in public tenders.
It can be considered as a reason for preference for institutions and organizations (especially public institutions).
KOSGEP encourages the products to be purchased from domestic producers with local product certificates with the interest-free loan support of the companies. If the project owners use local products, KOSGEP adds 15% to the support rates.

Domestic goods certificate is issued by TOBB where the producer is registered or by a chamber / exchange affiliated to TESK. The issued domestic goods certificate is checked electronically by TOBB or TESK. The appropriate domestic product certificate is approved by the relevant chamber / exchange.
Document required for Application;
- Domestic Goods Contribution Rate Table (It must be prepared by experts and approved by experts.)
-Domestic Goods Declaration
- Domestic Goods Document Application Letter (Its attachments must be complete and appropriate.)