A brand is a sign that represents the whole existence of a business. "Promoting the products or services of a seller or a group of vendors and making a difference for rival companies" as a name, sign, symbol, design or a combination of all of them. As can be understood from this definition, it is accepted as a sign used to distinguish the goods produced and marketed by a commercial enterprise from their counterparts, to introduce them and to make them distinct and to indicate their unique place in the eyes of the customer. Such an important sign must be carefully preserved and must have a certificate to prove it. The form of protection is the trademark registration certificate. It is a form of certification given by the authorized institutions to the person or institutions to which the brand belongs, showing that it belongs to them. Trademark registration also has a great impact on the sustainability of businesses and organizations by protecting their business models and products by developing them.

By representing the existence of the business, your brand reaches the consumer in the shortest way. Trademark registration creates an element of trust for the consumer and increases your income source by facilitating the selection.

It is seen that some entrepreneurs in the competition between businesses violate the trademark rights of others in various ways. This is because entrepreneurs are trying to gain unfair advantage in this way. In short, the main purpose of the trademark registration, in addition to preventing others from gaining unfair profit, is also to prevent you and your brand from being harmed by the claim of providing unfair gain. Because in such a case, a person or business with a registered trademark that is too similar to your trademark can impose sanctions against you and prevent you through lawsuits. If these conditions are met, all your investments and works can be put under great risk at once.

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