Investment Incentive Certificate

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What is Investment Incentive Certificate (YTB)?

The Investment Incentive Certificate (YTB) is a certificate that contains the characteristic values ​​of the investment, provides the opportunity to benefit from the support elements registered on it if the investment is carried out in accordance with the specified minimum conditions, and is issued for the investments to be realized in line with the purposes of the Incentive Decision.

Who Can Receive YTB?

• Real Persons, Ordinary Partnerships, Capital Companies, Cooperatives, Business Partnerships

• Public institutions and organizations

• Professional Organizations in the Nature of Public Institutions

• Associations and Foundations

• Foreign Branches of Foreign Companies in Turkey


Where to Apply to obtain YTB?


• Ministry of Industry and Technology, General Directorate of Incentive Implementation and Foreign Capital,

• For investment subjects within the scope of General / Regional Incentives Practices, whose fixed investment amount does not exceed 10 Million TL and determined by the Communiqué, optionally, to Development Agencies or Chambers of Industry (local units) where the investment will be made.

How Can I Benefit From YTB?

In order to benefit from the investment incentives determined by the Incentive Decision, it is necessary to invest in the supported areas and to have a YTB regulated / approved by the Ministry of Economy for this investment. It is not possible for investments that are not regulated by YTB to benefit from incentive measures.


What should we do in order to be considered investing after receiving TB?

In order for the investment to be accepted, at least 10% of the fixed investment amount must be spent after the start date of the investment, for the premise-land, infrastructure, building-construction, machinery and equipment (including advance and prepayments) and other investment expenditures, YBT is based on the fixed investment amount on the first date (At least Five million Turkish Liras for investments with a fixed investment amount of more than fifty million Turkish Liras)


Can I Benefit From Incentives For My Existing Facility?

Investment incentives cannot be used for existing investments made before or for current employment. Investment incentives can be used if there is an additional investment to be made in the existing facility and if YTB is purchased for this investment.

What are the Documents Required for Issuing the YT Certificate?

• Signed Application Letter by the Person or Persons Authorized to Represent and Bind the Investor

• Notarized Signature Circular for Persons Authorized to Represent and Bind the Investor or Signature Statement for Public Institutions, Individual Companies and Real Persons. Investment Information Form, Signed and Stamped by the Person or Persons Authorized to Represent and Bind the Investor on Each Page, Undertaking and Machinery-Equipment Lists

• In the Applications to be made to the Ministry, the Document that the amount of four hundred Turkish Lira has been deposited into the account of the Ministry's Revolving Fund; this is also the case for Applications to Local Units,

• A Document Showing That One Hundred Turkish Lira Of The Amount Of The Above Is Deposited To The Related Local Unit Account And The Document That The Balance Has Been Deposited To The Revolving Fund Of The Ministry

• Company's Ownership Structure, Capital Amount and the Final Status Shows Activity in terms of the Trade Registry Gazette of Turkey or Turkey Tradesmen and Artisans Registry Gazette Merci Registry Original or certified by Notary Public or Example

• Except for applications to be Performed by Public Agencies and Institutions, 5510 Social Security and General Health Insurance Law in accordance with Turkey General in may have been due and payable to the Social Security Institution primary and Administrative Fines Debt to exist or that of Deferment and Installment whether or configured and whether the configuration is the Social Security Administration that deterioration of the Related Units Letter to be taken or Barcoded Output to be taken from the Electronic Information Communication Environment of the Institution

• Pursuant to the Environment Law No.2872, the "Environmental Impact Assessment Positive Decision" or "Environmental Impact Assessment Not Required Decision" Condition Only Included in the Annex Lists of the EIA Regulation.

• Information and Documents Required to be Obtained from Other Public Institutions and Organizations as per the Relevant Legislation Before An Incentive Certificate is Requested Based on the Characteristics of the Investment

• Feasibility report for strategic investments, including technical, financial and sectoral analysis and calculations related to the criteria specified in Article 8 of the Decision regarding the subject to be invested.

Apart from the specified application documents, it is possible to request additional information and documents by the General Directorate of Incentive Application and Foreign Capital, if deemed necessary depending on the sector, size or incentive applications of the investment. In applications for investments to be made in certain sectors and subjects, depending on the nature of the project, there are information and documents that must be obtained from other authorized public institutions and organizations in accordance with the relevant legal regulations. These documents, which are deemed necessary depending on the sector and / or subject of the investment project, differ.

What are the Obligations of the Investor Benefiting from Investment Incentives?

Against other institutions, organizations or companies that violate the provisions of the legislation regarding the Investment Incentive Program, who do not fulfill the terms and conditions in the Investment Incentive Certificate, who falsify the Investment Incentive Certificate and other documents, who issue or use false and misleading documents, who provide false and misleading information, Documents of investors who sell or cause to sell the machinery and equipment within the scope of the certificate, including the transactions made by execution or bankruptcy due to the failure to fulfill the obligations, who do not complete the investments within the period stipulated in the Investment Incentive Certificate, and who do not comply with the specified minimum investment amounts, are canceled and the supports used are partially or fully refunded.