Entrepreneurship Projects Consultancy

As Kobi Strateji Yönetim ve Danışmanlık, we offer a versatile consultancy service that includes the follow-up and management of all processes so that entrepreneur candidates who want to benefit from entrepreneurship support can get support through KOSGEB to realize their business. Our consultancy service consists of three stages. These are;

1) Project Preparation Process: One of the most difficult issues for those who want to be entrepreneurs is that they have a business idea and do not know where to start. At this point, if the entrepreneur is not guided correctly, the chance of getting support can be reduced to zero. In other words, they may not have the right to apply for entrepreneurship support. Unlike many consultancy companies in the market, Kobi Strateji Yönetim ve Danışmanlık shows its difference by providing consultancy services before the establishment of the business.

Whether you are benefiting from the Advanced Entrepreneurship Support Program or the Traditional Entrepreneurship Support Program, the most important business entrepreneurship training should be taken before starting a business. Entrepreneur candidates are required to complete KOSGEB entrepreneurship trainings, which are currently given online over e-government application. Entrepreneur candidates who have completed the training can now open their businesses with peace of mind. Determining the appropriate activity code during the business opening process is important for getting support. The activity code will both be compatible with the business of the entrepreneur and will be among the activity codes supported by KOSGEB. As Kobi Strateji Management and Consultancy, the necessary guidance is made for the companies to determine their activity codes, and it has become quite easy for the entrepreneurs who will establish a business on the "nacesorgulama.com" site, which we have implemented in the past years, to research their activity codes themselves. Activity codes are very important as it will determine whether the entrepreneur candidate will receive Advanced Entrepreneurship Support or Traditional Entrepreneurship Support.

After the entrepreneur determines the most appropriate activity code with our support and with our support, he starts the establishment of the company. Through his entrepreneur accountant, he carries out establishment procedures and chamber registration and proceeds to the next step, project preparation.

2) Project Process: At this stage, the entrepreneur is asked for the information and documents required to prepare the project. The entrepreneur provides us with the necessary information and documents after preparing them. In the following process, the project of the entrepreneur is prepared as soon as possible and entered into the KOSGEB system. If an application is made to the Advanced Entrepreneurship Support Program, machinery-equipment, equipment costs should be determined at the project application stage. The machines supported by KOSGEB are determined together with the entrepreneur and the offers of the machine-equipment software are prepared in the format requested by KOSGEB. After the project is entered into the system, the entrepreneur is evaluated by KOSGEB and he/she is invited to the board to make a presentation. At this stage, the entrepreneur's preparation for the board is carried out by us. The board process, which many entrepreneurs do not attach much importance to, leads to the rejection of the project. From this point of view, it is very important to prepare the entrepreneur for the board. Failure to present a well-prepared project before the board can lead to rejection of the project. In this respect, the presentation should be prepared and planned very well. As Kobi StratejiManagement and Consultancy, the entrepreneurs are prepared for the board and the risk of not passing the project is eliminated. After the board process is completed, the project process is completed with the passage of the project and the support process begins.

3) Support Process: As Kobi Strategy Management and Consultancy, our service does not end after the project KOSGEB is approved, and all processes are managed and monitored until the support process is completed. Making all payment requests during the support period, realizing possible revisions in the project, giving SME declarations and providing support with our expert team in the solution of the problems they may experience with KOSGEB are among the important services we provide at this stage.

If you want to get information about support processes and benefit from the service privilege of Kobi Strategy Management Consultancy, you can contact us at our contact number.