About us!

Having been established in 2016 and started its activities, our company, Kobi Strategy Management and Consultancy, has become one of the important consultancy companies in its region in a short time with its customer-oriented service philosophy. Since its establishment, our company has served many businesses in the fields of support consultancy, project management consultancy, e-commerce management consultancy and certification within the scope of government incentives with innovative business models and has proven its quality by being accredited by the Vocational Qualification Authority (MYK) in 2019. Our company, with a five-year history, has managed to transfer grants over 10 Million TL to entities in the sector, and has achieved a significant success by consulting 40 investments.

Believing that the best consultancy service can be provided with the best team, our company has a team of five experts in the field, comprised of SME Consultants, Independent Financial Advisors and Industrial Engineers, and continues to grow with new actors joining us every year.

As SME Strategy, we have responsibilities not only towards our business partners; but we are also aware that we have responsibilities towards our region and country we live in. To this end, by identifying our own values, we make all our efforts to this end so that everything and transaction we do remains within the framework of these values.

Our Values

Ethics and Compliance with Law

Our company undertakes that all of its transactions are in compliance with the laws and relevant legislation. All of the activities of our customers are firstly checked by us, their suitability is confirmed, and then presented to the relevant public institutions.


We ensure the confidentiality of all kinds of projects and transactions we do with our business partners. This private information is not shared with third parties in any way, and necessary measures are taken by us to keep it confidential.

Social Responsibility

As SME Strateji, we feel obliged to use our knowledge and experience for the benefit of society and the country. For this purpose, the projects of non-governmental organizations are prepared voluntarily by our company thus facilitating social life.

Customer Satisfaction

Our priority is to make a positive contribution to our customers and business partners. In cases where this cannot be achieved or we think it is missing, contracts are renewed without demanding a price for our customers and we never compromise on the principle of equal opportunities.


The services displayed on our website are our active field of work and expertise. Providing these services to our business partners at the highest quality is our top priority. No advice or guidance is given to our business partners in any area of ​​expertise other than these services.


SME Strategy carries out both individual and corporate improvement processes by adhering to the principle of continuous development and change. It is in constant interaction with its business partners in order to monitor the changing regulations and conditions and evaluate the work and transactions within the framework of this change.