Various support programs are implemented by the Ministry of Commerce under the title of Export Supports in order to enable companies to create an export area, to grow and develop in export companies and to announce and compete in the international market. These programs and the support rates and amounts are briefly as follows:


In order to encourage and support e-commerce activities, the Ministry supports companies in membership to e-commerce sites and related expenses at a rate of 60% and up to 8 thousand TL per site per year. This amount may vary by updating at certain rates each year. The specified support can be used for up to three e-commerce sites and for a maximum of two years per e-commerce site. In addition, companies can benefit from websites with little foreign language support, provided that they receive approval from the Ministry from the date of their membership.





The support amount to be paid by the participant on the basis of the fair, if the international fair is of a general nature, the upper limit is 50,000 TL; If it is sectoral, the upper limit is 75.000 TL; if it is one of the prestigious fairs determined by the Ministry, its upper limit is determined as 250.000 TL.

The base amount for the support is 50% of the total cost per square meter determined on the basis of the fair and / or country and / or sector, and the upper limit is 70% in countries determined by the Ministry.





The purpose of the Design Support Program is the creation and dissemination of design and innovation culture in Turkey. It covers the expenses of the projects to be carried out by the companies to develop value added products for foreign markets.

Supporting Design Offices
The expenses related to the activities such as advertisement and promotion that the companies will invest abroad are supported by 50% and the annual upper limit is 150.000 USD.

The institutions (company, office, store, warehouse, showroom, etc.) to be established abroad and evaluated within the scope of support; installation, decoration costs and architectural work are supported by 50% with an annual upper limit of 50,000 USD.

Rental and consultancy expenses and tax expenses are supported by 50% and an annual upper limit of 100.000 USD.

Support Program for Overseas Unit Brand Promotion Activities

It is a program to support companies in order to announce their names and brand in the global competitive environment. Trademark Registration Activities Abroad, Expenses of companies within the scope of the registration and protection of their trademark registered trademarks abroad are supported by 50% and an annual upper limit of 50,000 USD.