The Ministry of Forestry provides support in the form of grant payments for investments to be made primarily by women and young entrepreneurs in order to improve economic and social employment in rural areas and to ensure agricultural and non-agricultural development.

The Communiqué of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry on Supporting Agricultural Investments within the scope of the 14th Stage of Rural Development Supports was published in the Official Gazette and entered into force.

People who can benefit from this support;

Real and legal persons included in the registration system of the Ministry can apply. Incorporated, Limited and Collective Companies, and Cooperatives and Unions, which are listed as Small Medium Enterprises among legal entities, can apply. The specified legal entities can apply for investment matters related to their fields of activity specified in their articles of association.

The Base Project Amount for the Grant for all investment issues;

New Investments: 3.000.000-TL

Completion Investments: 2.000.000-TL

Capacity Increase Investments: 1.500.000-TL

Technology Renewal / Modernization Investments: 1.500.000-TL

The program budgets consist of figures excluding VAT and a maximum of 50% of the above-mentioned Base Project Amount will be given to the investor as a grant. Applications with a Project Amount less than 250.000 TL for the grant will not be accepted.

Expenses to be covered within the framework of projects prepared in accordance with the program legislation;

Construction works purchase expenses and Machinery Equipment Materials Purchase Expenses will be supported within the scope of the program.