Today, as a result of the widespread use of the internet and social media, marketing activities are carried out in virtual environments within the scope of online sales. Thus, many companies that use the internet and social media increase their sales by finding access to many customers regardless of the concept of time. In this context, our company monitors the e-commerce system setup and processes of our businesses that want to involve in e-commerce.

Relevant sonsultancy services are as follows,

- Obtaining the necessary permits and documents for producers (TSE, HYB, BARKOD etc.),

- Establishing e-commerce management infrastructure,

- Corporate and E-commerce, establishment of company websites,

- Making necessary agreements with e-commerce marketplaces (N11, Hepsiburada etc.),

- Making data entry to the system,

- Management of cargo and bank agreements,

- Management and optimization of Social Media Accounts,

- Creating a marketing plan.