Under the globalizing economy and changing competition conditions, financing the activities to support businesses has become important government policies. These supports, whose amounts are constantly being increased and the conditions of which are being changed, are easily followed up by businesses and applications for appropriate supports are getting harder with each passing day. It has become a business strategy rather than a routine business activity for businesses to be able to continuously monitor these supports and make their applications. As a result of the studies we have done since 2011, the support consultancy system, which we find more useful and the right choice for businesses, has been implemented by our company.


What is Support Consultancy?


It may be possible for the company to follow the business throughout the year within the framework of the contract at the beginning of the year, and to make the applications of the enterprise to the relevant institutions for the whole text suitable for the supports.


How Does Support Consultancy Work?


In order for the system to operate correctly and regularly, a power of attorney is required from the company official. In this way, all transactions between the company and the institution are carried out by us, enabling our business partners to use their time and resources more efficiently. Continuous communication is established between the coordinator to be appointed by the company and the SME strategy, and the control of mutual work and transactions is ensured.


What are the Advantages of the System?


- Providing 100% support for business activities thus reducing operating costs


- Avoiding unnecessary projects and expenditures by realizing the company's needs planning strategy and ensuring that the budgets allocated by the state are used correctly and appropriately.